For 15 years D'Markas has focus in the distribution of  great selection of Latino products. We have supported independent grocers with essential expertise, infrastructure and scale, so that they can thrive and grow. Our goal is to provide the Latino community in the Carolinas with their home products.


Consumers Want Choices. We Deliver.

We deliver over 1,000 products across multiple categories and price points. Our extensive in-house range of products includes organic and sought-after specialty items, profitable high-end offerings, local treasures and a wide range of authentic products.

You Need To Stay On Top Of Retail Trends. We Deliver.

From Ecommerce to Retail Operations, we get you moving in the right direction so that you don’t just keep up, but keep ahead.

You Rely On Food Safety And Freshness. We Deliver.

D'Markas supplies full logistics support with a vast array of warehousing and distribution services. We specialize in assisting manufacturers and suppliers with the shipment of products to retail using the latest technology. As leaders in high-quality food safe technology and monitoring, you get longer shelf life, fresh to the table food, an iron-clad reputation and happy returning customers.


Find out what sets us apart-The scale and infrastructure you need to compete:

  • Service - We are committed to providing unrivaled service and comprehensive support to help your business thrive.
  • Foward Thinking- We co-create with you for your future. We dare to think differently. And we never settle for “business as usual.
  • Integrity - Our relationships are built on trust and respect. We know we provide a service that is critical to communities, and we take our responsibility seriously. That is why our word is our bond and we strive to earn your business every day.
  • Flexibility - Being independently-owned with in-house products and services helps us to help you stay in control and adapt to a changing environment.
  • Transparency - We offer a clear and simple fee structure with no hidden costs.
  • Total Latino Solution - We offer a comprehensive program for authentic Latino offerings
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